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Did you know...Edit

  • The character Chloe from Dark Sun is named from my real kitty from real life Chloe.
  • Chloe is also based off my best friend -Charlotte- ; she talks SOOO much but is a true firneds-we've been friends since 1st grade. She has blue eyes and brown hair - just like Chloe being a siamese she-cat with blue eyes.
  • If you've read chapter 12 you might have noticed that the character Gwen is a French cat.
  • Strike is based off Yellowfang.
  • Vinecloud is based off my friends really nice stepmom.
  • Littlekit based off her mom's daughter, her stepsister.
  • Muddykit and Sweetkit based off some bullies at my school.
  • Hiddenkit's name "Nyx" means "night" - I gave her that name referring to her black pelt.
  • In honor of my role-play (more than 3 sites we've been together) I put their role-play cats in my story; Ecomist, Eveningswift, Hawkfire, Brigthsparrow, Redclaw, Rainweed Brackenstorm, Bronzestripe and Peacesong.